14 Days to Seek Treatment (Auto Accident)

Driving Highway 98 for most of us is a daily challenge. There are many distractions, and even with warnings about texting while driving, I see people doing it every day as I drive back and forth to my office. I also see auto collisions on Highway 98 on a regular basis.

Many of us don’t understand how our auto insurance policies are really supposed to serve us. Auto insurance is not insurance to just get your car fixed. It is to protect you from the drivers that are texting, impaired or just plain negligent.

Florida is a no-fault state. That means that regardless of fault, your own auto insurance pays for medical care that may be necessary as a result of a collision. I hear people say all the time, ”That’s not right, why does my insurance have to pay when it wasn’t my fault?” The insurance companies in the state of Florida made that decision. On your policy, PIP (personal injury protection) is the part that pays for your treatment if injured.

Up until 2012 mandatory coverage was $10,000, but insurance companies lobbied Tallahassee leaders to reduce that to $2,500 unless an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) is determined. The definition of EMC is so vague that it could pertain to anyone that has been in an auto accident, but most medical providers are not aware of it or will not make that determination.

Also, insurance companies decided that if you do not seek treatment within 14 days of an accident that they are not responsible for your treatment.

Make sure you have plenty of UM (underinsured/uninsured motorists) coverage on your policy to protect yourself from those who have not obtained correct coverages. Also, be certain you have plenty of Bodily Injury (BI) coverage as it protects you if you have injured someone else.

Insurance is and can be very confusing. The bottom line is to protect yourself as you and your loved ones are driving.

Don’t hesitate to get checked out, after an auto collision, no matter how minor the accident. Damage done can manifest itself weeks later and by then, under the law, it’s too late for insurance to pay your medical bills. I’ve been doing this, and much more, here at Baird Chiropractic/Superior Healthcare of Navarre for 18 years.

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